About Nurani.org

Nurani.org is a platform for dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians, where participants from three faiths, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, meet to discuss short texts from their respective scriptures. The product of a collaboration between the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme at the University of Cambridge, the nonprofit technology company Meedan, the Coexist Foundation, and a consortium of universities and research centres, it allows scholars from the three faith traditions to share and study their scriptures together. Nurani.org specifically aims to: * enable rich and fruitful discussion of scriptural texts between Muslims, Jews and Christians; * facilitate deeper understanding of the lived traditions and beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity; * build trust and friendship between Jewish, Christian and Muslim participants; and * develop new research methods and tools for collaboratively studying texts across languages. Participating in Nurani.org is initially by invitation only, as we are seeking to create a context in which high-quality, well moderated and safe inter-faith discussion can take place between people from a wide range of locations and backgrounds. No prior experience in Scriptural Reasoning or expertise in scriptural texts is necessary. To request further information or an invitation to the platform, email sronline[at]interfaith.cam.ac.uk. Nurani.org is designed to be bi-lingual, although this feature is not yet functional. Every piece of text will be translated between two languages - Arabic and English - as it is published. This is made possible by a team of professional translators with religious knowledge working with the translation tools built into the platform. Currently though we are testing monolingual discussions. Partners The Inter-faith Platform Project is a collaboration between a number of the world’s leading institutions for faith research, led by the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme (CIP), a program of the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge, UK, and Meedan, a social technology nonprofit based in San Francisco. CIP is a flagship project of the University of Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign, offering a distinctive scholarly approach to furthering understanding across the Abrahamic traditions with a strong emphasis on collaboration and translation. It is taking the lead in building the network of partner institutions using this platform, initiating and moderating dialogues, and creating scholarly resources. Learn more here. This platform was built by Meedan, a leading charitable provider of advanced technologies for dialogue and cross-language encounter, with expertise in cross-language interaction design and system design for Arabic-English translation on the web. Learn more here. Thank you for visiting this website today. Find out how you can contribute by emailing sronline@interfaith.cam.ac.uk. About Nurani.org How to do Scriptural Reasoning Getting started Privacy Terms