I am delighted to welcome you to SCRIPTURAL REASONING online and to Nurani - a platform for dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians. The practice of Scriptural Reasoning enables participants to go deeper into the faiths of others while also going deeper into their own faith—for the sake of God and God’s good purposes. I have not found anything else that serves so well to sustain on-going, faith-centred engagement among the Abrahamic traditions. I hope you find this opportunity of sharing and studying your scriptures with people of other faiths a rich and rewarding experience.

With warmest regards,

David Ford,
Regius Professor of Divinity
University of Cambridge


Scriptural Reasoning is a practice of inter-faith reading. Small groups of Jews, Christians and Muslims, and sometimes people of other faiths, gather to read and reflect on short passages from their scriptures together.

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We are now developing an exciting new website for inter-faith conversations and we are looking for participants. Are you interested in being part of one of our newly formed Scriptural Reasoning groups? it is free and you don't need to be an expert.

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